Wynspire Post 18 success story

In June 2014 a 17 year old Eritrean with no formal status in the UK was accommodated and supported by Wynspire.  Extensive work was carried out to develop the young persons’ UK life skills, in areas such as budgeting and money management, maintaining a clean and safe environment, personal hygiene and health, food preparation and storage, local services and contacts etc. The young person was encouraged and supported with developing their English literacy by way of enrolling onto ESOL Entry Level 2 at Central College Nottingham which was still ongoing post 18.

Wynspire supported the young person with obtaining an Asylum Seeker status. This was achieved by arranging and accompanying the young person to meetings and appointments with solicitors, advisors and the Home Offices in London and Birmingham.  On some occasions Wynspire arranged for translators to either be present, or accessible by phone. The young person was supported with knowing and understanding services in their locality, and making contacts with local Eritrean community and church groups. Three months before their 18th birthday, with the security of an asylum seeker status, the young person was supported with obtaining their own property, a one bed- room flat.  Wynspire supported the young person with this transitioning to independence.

Eight months post 18, the young person still lives and maintains their property.  The young person has developed a network of links and contacts within their cultural and extended community. The young person still attends college and has progressed onto Level 1 ESOL functional skills. Wynspire still maintains voluntary contact with the young person and can confirm they have settled well and enjoying life in the UK.

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