Success story-Family


A single mother with 11 children aged from 2-18 with a history of substance use disorder and sexual exploitation. There were severe issues of neglect, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, domestic violence and mental health issues affecting mother and children. There were power issues within the family structure and a previous history of abandonment. The children were not attending school regularly, were not registered with a GP and had attachment issues with the mother and each other. The house was chaotic with frequent visitors from strangers.


Over a xx week period of intensive support and work, Wynspire achieved the following:

  • Introduction of routines, structures, boundaries and discipline
  • Mother empowered to take back control of the home and improved parenting skills
  • Taught confidence-building techniques to mother and older children
  • Sexual exploitation awareness training for the older girls in the family
  • Direct work with each child to establish their individual wishes and feelings and advocacy on their behalf
  • Support making and attending appointments including GP registration and health checks
  • Mother directed to access specialist mental health support
  • Negotiations with landlord on the family’s behalf
  • Support networks identified and arranged for the children

Success story continues – see video of young persons’ testimony attached.

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