Families and young people

Edge of Care intervention – Families and Young People

This service aims to work safely to reduce the number of children and young people in care and to manage the risk associated with maintaining them within their families and communities.

We’re there Seven days a Week

We provide direct, intensive support to young people and their families where there is a high risk of family breakdown. On average families are referred for 4-12 weeks to benefit from the following:

  • Our prompt, intensive, persistent and flexible approach, based on listening to the views of the young person and their family and building on their strengths.
  • Support and strategies to help young people cope with their situation and improve their confidence and self-awareness
  • Support to parents and/or carers to manage challenging behaviours and improve family relationships
  • Planned, proven techniques based on professional standards of care

Specialist placements

Mother and baby

We offer Pre-birth placements helping parents through mentoring and life skills to prepare for the birth of their child in semi-independent accommodation. They stay with us until they reach the age of 18 and then the local City Council procure accommodation for them.

Remand Placements
We provide remand placements for children and young people who have been charged with an offence and are awaiting trial by the courts. Our carers work closely with the Local Authority, YOT Team and Youth Justice Officials to ensure that all the conditions of bail are adhered to and that the generally short- term placements go as smoothly as possible.

Emergency bed space

The nature of the sector and the work we are involved in is sometimes unpredictable and cannot be planned. To meet this demand and to offer flexibility we can provide emergency accommodation to ensure young people and families are safe on a short term basis until something more long term and appropriate is made available either through ourselves or another provider.