Semi-independent 16-18

Each young person will be supported and allocated a worker and in partnership with the relevant professional the flexibility to reduce or increase the support as appropriate whilst in consultation with the young person and their social worker, support worker or personal advisor. Workers will promote independence, support and wellbeing as well as taking into account the young person’s views and opinions, allowing them to lead with their decision, providing it is in the interests of the young person. Support workers are able to accomplish the following and more not listed with young people:

  • Access education/Leisure and Community activities
  • Support with hygiene
  • Budgeting skills
  • Registering with doctors and dentist
  • Cooking skills
  • Gang culture awareness
  • Sexual health, drug awareness and legal responsibility awareness
  • Immigration support
  • Independent cleaning/ health and safety awareness
  • Cultural awareness, such as taking the yp shopping so the yp can access their traditional foods
  • Supporting him in meetings